75 Percent TKL Wired Retro Mechanical Keyboard Blue Backlit Jerrzi Switches Full Keys Anti-ghosting PC Gamer Girl Esports

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Brand Name:Ganot

Product Model:DK75 Mechanical Keyboard Kit

Keys Number:87 Keys

Keyboard Color:White/Blak

Connection:TYPE-C Wired

Backlit:RGB Backlit

Layout: 87 Keys 75% Keyboard Layout


1.87 Keys 75 PercentLayout Compact Keyboard - Neat desktop-style. And more space has been saved for mouse movement.

2.Connection TYPE-C wired way.

3.Built-in Cilencer Cotton,Factory preset laminated silicone pad, bring better texture experience, avoid the trouble of finding the right size pad in the later period!

4.Hot-swappable - Hot-swap PCB allows you to replace 3 pins switches freely without soldering issue. Enjoy the fun of making your own unique keyboard.

5.All Keys No Conflicts,When the decision, millisecond must fight, horizontal and horizontal field Millisecond response, not afraid of various combinations of keys, press at the same time also do not conflict with the response speed, the operation is one step faster.

6.RGB Backlit - Dream RGB Dynamic Backlit, 16 million light color combinations,Changeable RGB dynamic lighting effect combination, uniform color, built-in multiple lighting effects

7.Full key Hotswap Design,Free to replace the shaft body, follow the replacement, customize a suitable for their use of the keyboard


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